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Imagine a world where freshly-made is as convenient as fast food. A world in which cooked-to-order meals can be individually customized in mass-produced, where restaurant employees would finally be valued by reducing repetitive tasks.We imagined it. So we built it.We use advanced robotics technology to make high-quality meals accessible to everybody. We use the productivity gains from our robot to invest in the finest and locally sourced ingredients, we prepare them carefully in insanely good and infinitely customizable recipes and serve them in a delightful customer-centric experience.
Remote Work
Flexible teleworking policy and a remote Cala house
Flexible schedule and ownership
You plan your own schedule and manage your projects
Team building
Regular team events
Parties, Birthdays, Menu degustation, etc.
Meal voucher and transport return
Cala food for free, ticket restaurant, etc.
Transparent salary
grades yearly raises and BSPCE
Working environment
1400m2 newly rebuild office

and perk


Our story

Ylan and Julien, two tech students, with engineering mind and a lot of motivation came up with an idea: to make a food processor to save time and avoid repetitive tasks. After creating the first prototype in their dorm, the project expanded and began developing under a startup incubator in 2017. In October 2020, the first Cala restaurant opened its doors!
The pandemic didn't stop the launch, and even though it started in darkitchen, the opener was a hit with 4.7-4.9 stars on delivery platforms. Now you know how this thrilling adventure began!

Our values

As students, we know it, it's not always easy to find recipe ideas, time to prepare it or even money to buy quality food. Most of the time, we end up getting fast food or pasta box. But then, how to make good food more accessible ?

At Cala, we are trying to make meaningful progress toward making quality food more accessible and we believe that by working toward that goal, we'll make the world a better place.Meaningful progress to us means Long term and Measurable impact.
The lever we have toward that mission is decision-making. To achieve it, we need to make good decisions rapidly.
Good decisions are made with as much information as possible so we need proactive transparency. We must base these decisions solely on these information and not let our bias kick-in. That's why we also need rational thinking.
Fast decisions are made step by step so we can easily revert back and not waste much time if we are wrong. It's also a lot easier to make fast decisions when keeping optionality. That's why we'd rather get hands-on and try stuff out than outsourcing from the get go.
The objective is to accumulate good decisions as fast as possible which means that any bad decision that you make doesn't matter as long as it is corrected swiftly
We focus on simplicity at first and then improve based on what we learned to reach a better outcome at the end
When approaching a problem, we clearly state what our desired outcome is, then we gather and filter relevant data, to ensure that we have a wide enough view of the problem
We want to create an environment of trust, confidence, and support. Collaboration is key for decision-making

Team inTro

At Cala, we are all animated by one goal
Make good food more accessible
Each team member contributes in their own way by bringing their expertise. The diversity of our international profiles and professions allows us to have a rich and unique work environment where, among others, marketers, chefs, engineers and developers collaborate in order to meet this challenge!
Gather the engineers responsible for developing the robot and its systems.
Leaded by Ibrahim
The Food division is where the magic happens. They developed the culinary identity of Cala. They invented every recipe and lead all restaurant-related operations, R&D and Supply Chain.
Leaded by Théo
Develop the brand image, communication strategy and social networks of the company.
Leaded by Tarik
Our developers, they take care of coding the backoffice of the robot and the mobile app.
Leaded by Nicolas
The talent team takes care of all HR and office-related tasks and makes sure that everyone is comfortable and fulfilled at work.
Leaded by Natalia

Our timetable

Team expension
1st Cala restaurant
2nd Cala restaurant
3rd Cala restaurant
October 2020
May 2020
July 2020
Foundation of CALA
50 000 is the number of pieces in the robot
4,8 is the number of we receive on delivery platform


Carrer development

Work life

At Cala, we work with great people to evolve and grow all together.
Our success stems from everyone working hard, creating a culture of learning, transparency and collaboration. The aim is to feel free enough to identify areas where actions should be taken to grow professionally and achieve excellence.
We are convinced that once you have the prerequisites and conditions you need to grow your career, people will be more motivated to achieve great work outcomes. We want to provide a clear career and development plan so that they can reach their full potential.
At Cala, during our free time, we enjoy lunch or evening afterwork together.
We are all encouraged to organise (social event) activities such as board game evening, monthly drinks, running time, diner time, trips, degustation etc.
For us, these events are important to ensure a good team cohesion, this way, we develop bonds and engagement for employee who are then happy to come to work.(sports club together)